Thursday, April 23, 2009

It occured to me.

*For those of you counting down with me, 5 days (including today) until I give birth!

So yesterday I was sitting on the couch when it suddenly occurred to me that I did not currently own a pair of slippers to wear while in the hospital. Since I will be there for a minimum of 48 hours, and will be there for a full 5 days if Owen gets his way, I really did need a pair of slippers to wear.

See I am not a big fan of the "slipper socks" that they provide at the hospital. They make my feet itch, and since I swell up like a balloon that first day (to much IV fluids if you ask me!) the ankles on them always pinch. The last thing you need when you are finally alone with your new baby is itchy ankles you cant reach. You know that whole "I just got cut from hip to hip, there is no way I can reach my own feet right now!" thing.

So I did what any crafter would do! I crocheted myself a pair of slippers! I used the Adult Mary Jane Skimmers pattern by Sylvia Schuchardt (Rav links to the designer and the pattern!) Her patterns can also be purchased here. For those of you who don't crochet, but want a pair for yourself or anybody who wears any shoe size from a women's 11 down to a newborn size, I am authorized to make and sell as many pairs of these as I want, so just let me know if you want some!


The bottom sole is 6 year old Red Heart Super saver yarn that I have had floating around for forever. It is in bad shape and was HELL to crochet with. But I have tested them on the floors in my kitchen and they are pretty grippy, without sticking the way a rubber soled shoe would. The top is Knit Picks Swish Worsted Weight Wool. The wool is super soft and since it is a nice open pattern, it doesn't make my feet to hot!


This is what they look like from the side. See that nice black sole? Not only does it have just the right amount of grip, but it is also black, so will hide dirt well!


Tada! SO CUTE!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that they are completely machine washable. So I will be able to clean them easily when I get home!


Even Mikaela loves them, and has requested a pair in her size, which luckily I have a pattern for!
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