Monday, January 5, 2009

I feel both sides...

Owen returned to work this morning.

The tree is still up until tomorrow night when the kids go to bed.

Today I have to reclaim my kitchen, a task which I had planned to do this weekend. I was thwarted by a tummy bug that struck Mikaela and Owen. I washed every sheet and blanket in this house at least 2x this weekend.

I need a vacation from Owen's vacation. Why is it that, unless we leave whatever state we are stationed in to go home for Christmas, Owen gets a vacation and I dont? This is a universal truth for all housewives I think.... I just don't get it. When both parents work outside of the house does the man still try to convince the wife that he is on vacation and that she has to do all the work cause it is her job? I know that my FIL does the majority of the cleaning around their house, or at least he did until recently. I have no idea what the new dynamic for them is now that they are not caring for Nanny Joan anymore....


Tomorrow all proof of the holidays will be put away until next December. I cant decide if I am happy about it or not.
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