Friday, January 9, 2009

Mikaela and the Banana.

Mikaela loves bananas. It is one of the three fruits she knows by name. (The other two are apples and oranges.)

Today a sad saga unfolded involving Mikaela, a banana, a key and the Dora the Explorer special called "Dora Saves Three Kings Day".

Mikaela, What are you doing?

MIKAELA! What are you doing to your banana????

Are you seriously eating your banana with the spare key to the van?

Poor banana! What did you ever do to deserve this treatment? All you wanted was to be a tasty snack!

Ok. I can see how sucking on a banana coated key could make a girl thirsty.

Poor abandoned banana. I wonder if Mikaela will ever actually eat you.

My guess would be no. A mangled banana is no match for "Dora Saves Three Kings Day".

$5 says that Mikaela will either feed this to the dog or he will just take it while she is distracted. I didn't even know dogs liked bananas until Riley.
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