Monday, January 12, 2009

A mellow weekend.

So we had a mellow weekend around here at the Bailey household. I cleaned the kitchen, which is good cause I think some of my dishes were going to have a town council meeting to propose a dish washing ban to save their civilization. I nipped that one in the bud!

I spent part of the time knitting my first (successful) pair of longies for Baby Liam (yes we settled on Liam. We liked it as much as you all did!)


Aren't they cute! They are so tiny. They are a newborn size. Any other longies made for Liam will be a bigger size. My babies come out big. Aeddon weighed 10lbs 4oz at birth and Alexander weighed 8lbs 10oz. So the likely hood of Liam having need of anything smaller than a 0-3 months size more than once is pretty small. I am actually hoping that they will be part of his homecoming outfit. The yarn is a colorway called "Splash" from Yarnlust on etsy. I have knit with her yarn before and will no doubt use it for as long as she keeps dyeing it.

Also, when I cleaned the kitchen I got to put out the spoon holder I made when Owen's parents let us go out for a date night while they were visiting for Christmas.

See here we are out making our art at "Painted Plate" in Olympia.


And here is our finished art:

Owen's cup.

My spoon holder.

The spoon holder is actually rather fantastic. It holds even my largest spatulas and spoons. Less mess! YAY!

So yeah. That was pretty much our mellow weekend highlights.
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