Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shun the Nonbeliever!

Owen once told me that nothing good would ever come fro all the blog reading I do. And then I won a contest on Paige's blog.

This is my package that she sent me.


The card is super cute! And the Toffee is really yummy. I could sit there and eat 5 or 6 packages a day!

The hat, well that is special. It is for Baby Liam. It is tiny and adorable. By the way, Paige, the other kids all want one too! The hat is the first handmade thing (besides from me) that I have received for Baby Liam. It is probably the only thing I am going to receive since I don't know enough people here in Washington for anyone to throw me a baby shower! So this hat is going into the drawer full of special things I am collecting for Liam. I will post pictures of him in it as soon as I can put it on him!

Take that Owen! I told you good things come to Bloggers and those who read Blogs!
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