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Ok, so it just occurred to me that once upon a time I started a meme that was 100 facts about me. 1-25 were about my life pre-high school, 26-50 were about my life in high school, 51-75 were about my life after high school but before Owen. I promised that 76-100 would be about life now. Then I never did 76-100. This is going to change that!

76. I met Owen at Shinai. I saw him first. He was wearing khaki pants and a shirt with two dragons intertwined to make a yin-yang symbol. The first thing I saw of him was his back. I have a thing for the back half of a man. If he has strong shoulders and a great butt, I am doomed. The view was fantastic. My first thought was "I wonder if the front is half as nice as the back." Then he turned around. My second thought was "Holy crap. The front is even better!"

77. The first thing Owen ever said to me was "Hi, I'm Owen. You are probably gonna slap me for this, but I was just wondering if your breasts are real cause they are amazing!" The first thing I said to him was "Hi! I am Jaclyn. Yes they are real, wanna feel?"

78. I wanted to date Owen right away. I was already starting to date Eric, but I figured that I wasn't in an exclusive relationship with him, so I could date both. That lasted for about 3 weeks.

79. Owen and I spent the majority of our first date on the roof of the school across the street from his parents house. Earlier that night we did spend some time at a park. Then we ended up at his house, and on the roof of the school. We sat there until the sun came up. We talked about everything. I waited all night for him to kiss me. Finally as the sun came up over the hills, I got tired of waiting. I kissed him just as the sun broke the horizon.

80. Not to long after that things got serious between Eric and I and for the better part of the next year I only saw Owen 4 or 5 times.

81. After the crazy year of dating Eric and Paul, Owen and I finally started dating, but not exclusively. He was dating two other girls. One was totally in love with him, and also totally insane. The other was just to moody.

82. Owen tried to break up with all three of us. It was just to hard to juggle 3 girls. Especially since all of our names started with J. He tried to break up with me last. I asked him if he had waited till last to break up with me. He said yes. I informed him that we were not breaking up then. We were gonna date exclusively. He told me I was delusional. By the next Friday we were an exclusive couple.

83. After all the chaos that I talked about at the end of 51-75, Owen moved me into his parents house. They were not happy and forbid us to sleep in the same room. I slept in Owen's room and he slept on the couch. If we wanted to both sleep in the bed, the door had to be open. They thought it would keep us from "fooling around" in their house. They were wrong. VERY WRONG.

84. After a while it became obvious that living with his parents was not gonna work for me. His dad and brother didn't get along with me very well. So Owen talked to his friends. His friends Ling and Neal were willing to take me in. They lived in a 1 bedroom apartment with their 18 month old son. At the time I had no job, but I was looking. I slept on the floor of their apartment. Most nights so did Owen.

85. After a while I got a job. Then things started to go badly between Ling and me. She was unhappy that I wouldn't do what she wanted me to do when she wanted me to. If I was going to a party, she wanted me home by 10. If I had to work, she wanted me home within an hour of getting off work. I didn't drive. I was at the mercy of the public transit system or friends for rides. I reminded her that I was an adult and that since I had gotten a job, I had been contributing to the house. I told her she needed to back off. She showed me the door. (For the record, I am not the only one of our friends to have issues trying to live with Ling.)

86. During the last few weeks of me living at Ling and Neal's house Owen and I fought alot. He didn't know if he should side with the girl he was in love with or his friend of more than 10 years. During one of our fights, I was packing my stuff up cause I figured that we were breaking up and I wasn't gonna live at his friends house if we weren't together. All of a sudden he stopped yelling. I turned around to see if he had left the room. He was right next to me. He said "stop. Don't go, I love you and want to be with you. Forever. Will you marry me?" I couldn't believe it. Here we are breaking up and he is proposing to me, with a black hair tie for a ring????? I said yes. Ling and Neal thought we were crazy.

87. Apparently Ling and Neal weren't the only ones who thought we were crazy. Everyone had something to say about us getting married and almost none of it was good. My parents were worried that if I married a Pagan, I would fall away from God. His parents were worried that we had only been dating for a few months and that we just didn't know each other well enough yet. There were other opinions too... we ignored everyone.

88. After we got engaged Owen's parents stopped fighting us sleeping in the same room. Around that time I admitted to Owen that the condoms we were using were making me progressively more and more sick. I knew I was allergic to latex, but at the time I didn't know that each exposure makes the allergy worse. We discussed it and decided that since we planned to spend forever together, we were gonna stop using protection and just see what happened.

89. One night while we were lying in bed we decided right then and there to get in the car and drive to Vegas. We decided we were gonna move there and so we drove out to look for jobs and an apartment. Two weeks later we lived in Vegas in a studio apartment about 3 miles from the strip.

90. Shortly after we got to Vegas we found out we were pregnant with Alexander, although at the time we thought he was gonna be an Anastasia. We decided to get married before we gave birth. We called our parents and warned them that in two weeks we were gonna get married, and that if they wanted to be there for it, they could, but we only wanted parents there.

91. On May 15th, 2003 Owen and I became husband and wife at little chapel called Wee kirk O' the Heathers. It was beautiful. The guy who filled out the paperwork looked like Ryan Seacrest. Half way thought the ceremony I asked the minister to stop. My moms camera had run out of film and I knew it would take forever for her to change it. I had them wait for her. Owen thought it was funny. When the Minister told Owen he could now kiss the bride, he headbutted me. Not hard... but still. Then he did kiss me.

92. Shortly after that we decided to move home to SoCal. I was pregnant and homesick. We moved into a one bedroom apartment in Anaheim.

93. On November 21 2003, Alexander was born.

94. On December 16 2005, Aeddon was born.

95. On February 6 2006, Owen joined the US Army. He was gone at basic until April. I drove across the country to Ft. Sill OK to see him graduate all by myself in 2.5 days. I had the boys with me. It was chaos.

96. Our first duty station was in El Paso, Texas. I hated El Paso, but absolutely treasure some of the people I met there.

97. On April 24 2007, Mikaela was born.

98. In March of 2008, Owen re classed to become a Medic in the US Army. He went to school at Ft. Sam Houston, which is in San Antonio. He graduated from school in July of 2008. I drove across Texas to watch his graduation. The night before we left, someone broke the back window on the van we owned. I drove across the state with a piece of plastic taped over the window. The kids thought it was great. They didn't care what was going on around them. They had daddy back!

99. After graduation, the Army moved Owen and our family across the country again, to Ft. Lewis Washington. We love it here and are trying to figure out how to stay here.

100. We are expecting Liam sometime in May. I am gonna fight my doctors to not have him until at least May 1st. This should be fun.

So that is my life from start till now. I moved quickly though the stuff I have already blogged a little about. I hope that this list of 100 juicy tidbits will help you all understand what makes me, well me.
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